Are You Waiting?

In LineNope, just standing behind this guy/gal in line for kicks.  Seriously?  How rude.  This is basically the equivalent of someone saying “I’m in a hurry, so could you please get out of my way?”  It is always rather obvious when I am standing in line.  But I like personal space and like to give others space, because respect and all that.  Manners.  People don’t have them anymore.  People are so impatient and have this view of self-importance that they spend their day running around pushing people out of their way.  Constantly.

You see it in how people drive.  Some people are forever crawling up the bumper of the driver in front of them.  Doesn’t matter that they will be getting off the very next exit, but they will be bumper to bumper with the guy in the left lane, 65 mph, right up until they have to exit.  Then they cut you off in the right lane to get off the interstate. RUDE.

Humans have developed the skills to be able to be rude while making it look like they are being polite.  It absolutely drives me crazy.  I was standing in the local coffee getting place waiting to use the restroom after having consumed a delicious creation from my favorite barista.  This woman comes over and says “are you waiting for the bathroom?”  I thought for a second before replying “if I wasn’t it would be rather silly for me to be just standing here leaning on the wall, no?”   She obviously had outstanding observational skills.

I was in line to get rung up at the grocery store with a cart of groceries and a gentleman asked me if I was in line.  “nope, just like to come to the grocery store and get a cart of groceries and stand here like I am”.  Yup.

What I would love to know is what exactly goes through someone’s mind when they walk up to someone in line and ask “are you waiting?”




The Personal Space Conundrum

What is it with people?  There is no sense of space, appropriateness, manners….whatever you want to call the general rudeness of some people.  Upon discussing this phenomenon with my favorite baristas, I have come to a conclusion:  dogs rule, people drool.

I never understood the need for humans to get into each other’s space so much.  Humans are constantly invading the privacy and space of others around then without consequence.  It seems that we have evolved as a society to believe that it’s okay to have to be close to someone, anyone.

My preference is for humans to stay the hell out of my space.  If I can feel your breath on my neck or you are yelling in my ear, you are too close.  Back the hell up, for G-d sake!

Dogs don’t have this problem apparently.  They are always in each other’s personal space.  So what is the difference?  We as humans think on a higher plane, for one.  We think about things instead of just living.  We are constantly worried, harried, rushed.  Not dogs.  They are just hanging around, chilling, living it up.

Still does not make me feel any better.  I really think that the butt sniffing things dogs does is gross, but I deal with it.  Are humans evolving into dogs, will people start sniffing butts, soon?  This brings images of all sort of hilarious and potentially embarrassing situations.  “oh, pardon me, wrong butt!”  Sheesh.  Humans.