Is My Drink Ready Yet?

Anyone who has ever set a foot in a Starbucks knows exactly what this phrase means.  “Is my drink ready yet?”  “Is this my drink?”  Not only does it demonstrate how rude people can be, but disrespectful as well.

Most people come into a coffee shop, order their drinks and wait for the barista to call it out.  Not these folks.  They are in a hurry and too bad if someone in front of them ordered first, they are at the end of the bar now, so their drink should be as well.


Never mind that there were three people who ordered before them.  I actually had a guy who was two people behind reach around me to take my drink one day.  I looked at him and said, “well, if you like a caramel macchiato sugar-free at kids temp, feel free.”  He didn’t know how to react.  It was obviously not his drink, but dammit, he was in a hurry!

Then there is the ass that just has to change the drink order at the end of the bar once the barista has already made their drink and lie and tell the barista that the person taking the order screwed it up.  They know damn well that is bull, but the barista is forced to make the drink over because the customer is always right.  Which is garbage.  Some people just know that it costs extra for extra shots, so they pull that crap at the end of the bar.

Listen, folks,  act like you have some manners in public.  Don’t crawl up my ass while I order my drink, don’t try to take my coffee, don’t try to get over on the barista.  And don’t be RUDE!














Dressed like a slob

Do people have any pride?  Why does anyone think it is okay to be in public with filthy clothes or pajamas?

Standing in the bank in line and look at the man standing at the counter.  Apparently this well dressed gentleman has great taste… white socks that have long since worn out at the heel, lost their original color and the elastic has long since given up the ghost….with shower shoes.  Awesome combination.  The stained wife beater and the basketball shorts really complete the ensemble, however.

Pajamas in Public

Pajamas in Public

Some days customers walk to the store and I feel like asking them if they even own a mirror.  It absolutely makes me sad to see women walking around in the middle of the day in pajama pants and shower shoes.  Have some self esteem…’s down in aisle 4.

I have a coworker who owns exactly two pairs of pants….and he does laundry once a year.  I wonder what his house looks like.  Up until recently he lived at home.  What happened to parents teaching kids how to act in public?

I refuse to go anywhere in any kind of workout attire except the gym.  That’s what it was made for, working out.  If it was meant for you to wear all day, it would not be called exercise or workout attire.  Even on my worst day, sick as hell, if I left the house I would take the time to get myself dressed in appropriate clothing and fix my hair.  Makeup is always optional for me.


Workout Clothes Are Not For Shopping!

You would think that it would be against the law to show your undergarments in public, but apparently it isn’t.    I have seen more pairs of men’s underwear than you would see in a male revue.  I am offended.  Hell, my dog is offended.  Humans, huh!

Pull Them Up!