Cops Gone Bad

Wow.  There have been a couple of stories in the news lately about cops gone bad.

Let’s face it, people these days love drama.  They attempt to inject drama into seemingly harmless situations everywhere they go.  Got a calm peaceful place you enjoy going to hang out?  Some asshole will start some drama eventually.

Enter Michael Setiawan, ex NYPD cop.  He’s obviously an ex for a reason, right?  Well, he got caught spraying graffiti on cars and buildings in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Before you start screaming “freedom of speech”, let me remind you that this is directed at Jewish people and is considered a hate crime.
So what drives a person that joined the NYPD to such behaviour? Why do people still hate each other based on religion in this country?

I made a comment on a News Channel 3 story about a woman reported that the Chesapeake police manhandled her when the police came to question her son. The comments on the article were interesting. This comment illustrates how some people feel about police today. Of course, I wasn’t there, but I really find it hard to believe that police these days have such short fuses. Who cares if some 70 year old woman yells at them? Grow up, guys. They are just words. Stop reacting to the wrong things. I can see why police are getting a bad rap these days. We should have moved forward in the law enforcement community and weeded out the individuals who can’t hold their temper.