Ladies forgot how to lady.

Waiting for my venti iced caramel macchiato on the way to work this afternoon and noticed several young ladies basically wearing their underwear as “shorts”. Turns out they are from a high school volleyball team. Not appropriate.


Dressed like a slob

Do people have any pride?  Why does anyone think it is okay to be in public with filthy clothes or pajamas?

Standing in the bank in line and look at the man standing at the counter.  Apparently this well dressed gentleman has great taste… white socks that have long since worn out at the heel, lost their original color and the elastic has long since given up the ghost….with shower shoes.  Awesome combination.  The stained wife beater and the basketball shorts really complete the ensemble, however.

Pajamas in Public

Pajamas in Public

Some days customers walk to the store and I feel like asking them if they even own a mirror.  It absolutely makes me sad to see women walking around in the middle of the day in pajama pants and shower shoes.  Have some self esteem…’s down in aisle 4.

I have a coworker who owns exactly two pairs of pants….and he does laundry once a year.  I wonder what his house looks like.  Up until recently he lived at home.  What happened to parents teaching kids how to act in public?

I refuse to go anywhere in any kind of workout attire except the gym.  That’s what it was made for, working out.  If it was meant for you to wear all day, it would not be called exercise or workout attire.  Even on my worst day, sick as hell, if I left the house I would take the time to get myself dressed in appropriate clothing and fix my hair.  Makeup is always optional for me.


Workout Clothes Are Not For Shopping!

You would think that it would be against the law to show your undergarments in public, but apparently it isn’t.    I have seen more pairs of men’s underwear than you would see in a male revue.  I am offended.  Hell, my dog is offended.  Humans, huh!

Pull Them Up!


The Personal Space Conundrum

What is it with people?  There is no sense of space, appropriateness, manners….whatever you want to call the general rudeness of some people.  Upon discussing this phenomenon with my favorite baristas, I have come to a conclusion:  dogs rule, people drool.

I never understood the need for humans to get into each other’s space so much.  Humans are constantly invading the privacy and space of others around then without consequence.  It seems that we have evolved as a society to believe that it’s okay to have to be close to someone, anyone.

My preference is for humans to stay the hell out of my space.  If I can feel your breath on my neck or you are yelling in my ear, you are too close.  Back the hell up, for G-d sake!

Dogs don’t have this problem apparently.  They are always in each other’s personal space.  So what is the difference?  We as humans think on a higher plane, for one.  We think about things instead of just living.  We are constantly worried, harried, rushed.  Not dogs.  They are just hanging around, chilling, living it up.

Still does not make me feel any better.  I really think that the butt sniffing things dogs does is gross, but I deal with it.  Are humans evolving into dogs, will people start sniffing butts, soon?  This brings images of all sort of hilarious and potentially embarrassing situations.  “oh, pardon me, wrong butt!”  Sheesh.  Humans.