Store Bully

There was an individual who came into the store I work in last week.  He was being a jerk, period.  Never mind that we were bending over backwards to help him.  He was still inclined to be a jerk, maybe it was because he was a dependant to a retired Army Colonel.  She was a real sweet lady, but her husband was a real ass.

difficult customer

The whole thing started when the man came to the counter and said that he wanted to “price match” a grill in the store with one the Navy Exchange had for sale.  The rules for us to price match are pretty clear.  The item has to exactly the same.  If it’s more than a $10 dollar difference, we will need an ad from the competitor or a verification from an associate from the store in question.

Our customer had no ad.  He emphatically declared that is was the exact same one!  As one of our other associates got on the phone to verify the price with NEX, our intrepid customer kept getting louder and declaring even more emphatically that the grill we had matched the one at the  Navy Exchange.  In an effort to calm the situation and stop him from creating more of a scene, I said to him “sir, where are you parked right now?”  He said “out front.”  I then said, “tell you what, if you want to go and move your car around to the back of the store to the gate on the back side of the patio, then we can load it up as soon as we get your rung up.”  I wanted to get this guy out of the store ASAP.  So he goes to move the car, I ring his wife up for the plants she bought and then realize that my other associate still hasn’t gotten a confirmation on the grill.  Here comes Mr. Pricematch back around the corner.  SHIT.

Now, the associate on the phone with the NEX is trying to relay the info to someone so that he/she can actually verify the price.  The whole time this customer is shouting where there grill is, what model is, etc. making it difficult for our guy to hear what is being said on the other end of the phone.  So Mr. Pricematch now demands the manager, because apparently we are giving him the run around.  He proceeds to talk down to her (she is short, but that’s beside the point) like a child.  Nothing irritates me more that a male speaking to a female in a position of authority like a child, simply because he can’t get his way.

Finally, some resolution happens and we proceed to get the damn grill rung up and loaded.  I have never in my life wanted to see someone gone so bad.

Why do some people need to behave this way?  There is absolutely no need to start a scene in a store over $30.  None.  It would be nice if people would leave their ego at home once in a while.


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