BAAAAD Drivers

We all know there are bad driver’s out there, but the question is, why? Why are people driving like they stole the car they are in, swerving all over the road and in general, behaving badly behind the wheel?

I was returning home from work yesterday afternoon, as I often do when they tell me to go home, and some afternoon thunderstorms had popped up. There were heavy downpours and water had already pooled in lots of areas on the road. As I was attempting to cautiously enter the interstate, I noted a silver Honda doing the swerve dance on the lane adjacent to the on-ramp. Knowing that this enterprising individual was not in control of his/her vehicle was not something I was comfortable with.

Things Not To Do While Driving

Things Not To Do While Driving

The problem here is the nut behind the wheel. People think that they can still text, talk on the phone, play grab-ass and even put on makeup while driving. I have seen people reading newspapers and eating while driving.

Why are people being subject to these individuals who put others at risk?  Why isn’t there more enforcement of the laws?  Fact is, there aren’t enough cops out there, and the ones that are out there are already taxed to the limit.  Back in the day, the problem would have been dealt with swiftly with the offending party having an appropriate ass whooping doled out.  Today people are taught not to do anything and this is part of the reason we have an out of control section of our society.  People that know there will be consequences for their bad behavior tend to not act out quite as much.  There is always an exception to the rule.

What really seems to annoy the hell out of most drivers on the road are the left lane hugging jerks.  These are the folks that stay in the left lane, doing the speed limit for MILES.  They aren’t passing anyone, they are just puttering along, oblivious to the aggravated individuals behind them trying to pass slower traffic.

This Is For The Left Lane Huggers

This Is For The Left Lane Huggers

These are the people who feel like it is okay to stay in the passing lane as long as they like. In most states, you can be citied for traveling in the left lane on a highway.  The law here in Virginia is quite clear.  What most people misunderstand is that the phrase “Any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions existing” does NOT refer to vehicles doing the speed limit, but to the current speed of the vehicles in traffic flow.  It is not the responsibility of any driver on the road to “slow people down” because they feel they are some sort of highway speed enforcement vigilante.  If someone chooses to drive faster than the speed limit, that is their choice, and unless you are driving the car with the pretty blue lights and antennae everywhere, get the hell out of the left lane and let people PASS!  Thanks!

I could certainly go on and on about bad driver’s we see them every day.  I will just leave this little ditty here for your amusement.  Have a safe drive!


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