Why do people have to behave so rudely?  You have no real reason most of the time to be rude or demeaning, but you do it.  You snap at the service people, leave a mess expecting others to clean it up, clog the damn toilet and don’t tell anyone, spill your coffee in the trash can, when the sink is 10 feel away!  

I have witnessed more acts of rudeness than I care to recall, but I will anyway.  The sad thing about most of them is that they are simply uncalled for.  People are going to do things you do not like, do not agree with and generally make mistakes, because, people, dang it!  But it still does not excuse rudeness.

If you take humans out of the equation for a minute and think about it from an animal prospective, you can see how dogs or cats tend to deal with rudeness.  They either ignore it or kick the ever loving shit out of the offending party.  We really don’t want a society of humans that are going around kicking the crap out of their fellow humans, but maybe that’s what it takes.  It seems to work for dogs.

I don’t understand how it is that someone who pays for a service like, say, getting coffee at their favorite coffee-getting-place, can be rude to the people that are making their food and drink.  I hear people say things to the barista sometimes that just really annoy ME and I am not the one that the comments are directed at. My favorite baristas just smile and offer a polite solution to the customer’s rudeness.  I would have gotten fired if it would have been me, because RUDENESS.

For example, a young lady we will can Veronica (names have been changed to protect the innocent humans) made a latte for a customer.  When she handed it to him, he opened the lid and loudly proclaimed “there’s an awful of foam here for a no foam latte!”, to which our sweet young Veronica replied “it did not say no-foam latte, I’d be happy to make it over for you”.  The human stormed out without comment.  Not even a “no, thanks”.  What the humans should have said was: “this was supposed to be a no foam latte (see what I did there?), can you take the foam off and add more milk, please?”  which of course, would have been much more polite.

Then there is the human that always assumes that he or she can simply walk in the door and be served instantly.  No matter that there is a queue already formed and a sign that says “enter here”.  They are there NOW, and must be served immediately.  The queue be dammed.

I could go on and I am sure that as this blog goes down the ridiculous path it will no doubt take, you will hear more about this in the future.  Because, it would be rude for me not to continue.  Of course.



The Personal Space Conundrum

What is it with people?  There is no sense of space, appropriateness, manners….whatever you want to call the general rudeness of some people.  Upon discussing this phenomenon with my favorite baristas, I have come to a conclusion:  dogs rule, people drool.

I never understood the need for humans to get into each other’s space so much.  Humans are constantly invading the privacy and space of others around then without consequence.  It seems that we have evolved as a society to believe that it’s okay to have to be close to someone, anyone.

My preference is for humans to stay the hell out of my space.  If I can feel your breath on my neck or you are yelling in my ear, you are too close.  Back the hell up, for G-d sake!

Dogs don’t have this problem apparently.  They are always in each other’s personal space.  So what is the difference?  We as humans think on a higher plane, for one.  We think about things instead of just living.  We are constantly worried, harried, rushed.  Not dogs.  They are just hanging around, chilling, living it up.

Still does not make me feel any better.  I really think that the butt sniffing things dogs does is gross, but I deal with it.  Are humans evolving into dogs, will people start sniffing butts, soon?  This brings images of all sort of hilarious and potentially embarrassing situations.  “oh, pardon me, wrong butt!”  Sheesh.  Humans.