Store Bully

There was an individual who came into the store I work in last week.  He was being a jerk, period.  Never mind that we were bending over backwards to help him.  He was still inclined to be a jerk, maybe it was because he was a dependant to a retired Army Colonel.  She was a real sweet lady, but her husband was a real ass.

difficult customer

The whole thing started when the man came to the counter and said that he wanted to “price match” a grill in the store with one the Navy Exchange had for sale.  The rules for us to price match are pretty clear.  The item has to exactly the same.  If it’s more than a $10 dollar difference, we will need an ad from the competitor or a verification from an associate from the store in question.

Our customer had no ad.  He emphatically declared that is was the exact same one!  As one of our other associates got on the phone to verify the price with NEX, our intrepid customer kept getting louder and declaring even more emphatically that the grill we had matched the one at the  Navy Exchange.  In an effort to calm the situation and stop him from creating more of a scene, I said to him “sir, where are you parked right now?”  He said “out front.”  I then said, “tell you what, if you want to go and move your car around to the back of the store to the gate on the back side of the patio, then we can load it up as soon as we get your rung up.”  I wanted to get this guy out of the store ASAP.  So he goes to move the car, I ring his wife up for the plants she bought and then realize that my other associate still hasn’t gotten a confirmation on the grill.  Here comes Mr. Pricematch back around the corner.  SHIT.

Now, the associate on the phone with the NEX is trying to relay the info to someone so that he/she can actually verify the price.  The whole time this customer is shouting where there grill is, what model is, etc. making it difficult for our guy to hear what is being said on the other end of the phone.  So Mr. Pricematch now demands the manager, because apparently we are giving him the run around.  He proceeds to talk down to her (she is short, but that’s beside the point) like a child.  Nothing irritates me more that a male speaking to a female in a position of authority like a child, simply because he can’t get his way.

Finally, some resolution happens and we proceed to get the damn grill rung up and loaded.  I have never in my life wanted to see someone gone so bad.

Why do some people need to behave this way?  There is absolutely no need to start a scene in a store over $30.  None.  It would be nice if people would leave their ego at home once in a while.


Is My Drink Ready Yet?

Anyone who has ever set a foot in a Starbucks knows exactly what this phrase means.  “Is my drink ready yet?”  “Is this my drink?”  Not only does it demonstrate how rude people can be, but disrespectful as well.

Most people come into a coffee shop, order their drinks and wait for the barista to call it out.  Not these folks.  They are in a hurry and too bad if someone in front of them ordered first, they are at the end of the bar now, so their drink should be as well.


Never mind that there were three people who ordered before them.  I actually had a guy who was two people behind reach around me to take my drink one day.  I looked at him and said, “well, if you like a caramel macchiato sugar-free at kids temp, feel free.”  He didn’t know how to react.  It was obviously not his drink, but dammit, he was in a hurry!

Then there is the ass that just has to change the drink order at the end of the bar once the barista has already made their drink and lie and tell the barista that the person taking the order screwed it up.  They know damn well that is bull, but the barista is forced to make the drink over because the customer is always right.  Which is garbage.  Some people just know that it costs extra for extra shots, so they pull that crap at the end of the bar.

Listen, folks,  act like you have some manners in public.  Don’t crawl up my ass while I order my drink, don’t try to take my coffee, don’t try to get over on the barista.  And don’t be RUDE!














Are You Waiting?

In LineNope, just standing behind this guy/gal in line for kicks.  Seriously?  How rude.  This is basically the equivalent of someone saying “I’m in a hurry, so could you please get out of my way?”  It is always rather obvious when I am standing in line.  But I like personal space and like to give others space, because respect and all that.  Manners.  People don’t have them anymore.  People are so impatient and have this view of self-importance that they spend their day running around pushing people out of their way.  Constantly.

You see it in how people drive.  Some people are forever crawling up the bumper of the driver in front of them.  Doesn’t matter that they will be getting off the very next exit, but they will be bumper to bumper with the guy in the left lane, 65 mph, right up until they have to exit.  Then they cut you off in the right lane to get off the interstate. RUDE.

Humans have developed the skills to be able to be rude while making it look like they are being polite.  It absolutely drives me crazy.  I was standing in the local coffee getting place waiting to use the restroom after having consumed a delicious creation from my favorite barista.  This woman comes over and says “are you waiting for the bathroom?”  I thought for a second before replying “if I wasn’t it would be rather silly for me to be just standing here leaning on the wall, no?”   She obviously had outstanding observational skills.

I was in line to get rung up at the grocery store with a cart of groceries and a gentleman asked me if I was in line.  “nope, just like to come to the grocery store and get a cart of groceries and stand here like I am”.  Yup.

What I would love to know is what exactly goes through someone’s mind when they walk up to someone in line and ask “are you waiting?”




It’s Not Fair.

What is fair?  There seem to be people in this country that are all wrapped up in what is fair.

I think there is some confusion on what the term ‘fair’ actually means.  I don’t mean the dictionary version, either.

Fairness is a concept, an idea.  In one respect, it means that you do things with regard to being honest and not cheating.  People have taken this to mean that you cannot have an advantage over another.  They feel that that would be unfair.

But let’s take a look back at what made this country great to start with.  It certainly wasn’t advantage.  In other words, all of the folks that sailed to this country from England were in the same boat, so to speak.  They all started out with the same cargo, close to the same skills (although that is a huge debate in itself), the same ideals.  These people were to start a new colony here in America.  There was trials, to be sure.  Many books have been written on the Jamestown Colony, so I won’t rehash that here.  But I will hit the high points.


In the 1500’s England wanted to begin a colonization of what is now America in order to gather the resources on the continent.  A group of colonists established a foothold in what was known as Roanoke, in present day North Carolina.  That colony subsequently disappeared, and to this day, despite myriad speculation, no one really knows exactly what happened to the Roanoke colonists.  The Jamestown settlement fared better and despite numerous tribulation, managed to survive.  The stories that came from settlers at this colony tell stories of people not willing to pull their share of the load, breakdowns in leadership, and numerous other tribulations nearly leading to the colony being destroyed.  There were colonists in the fort that refused to help with reinforcements or farming.  John Smith was forced to make a proclamation that “he who works not, eats not”.  

The concept of fairness was that it would not be fair to the colony as a whole for some colonists to do all of the work, while some colonists sat by and still accepted food meant for all, without pitching in to help the colony.  This concept was important than as it is now.

Why we have evolved as a society to believe that it is okay for people to sit idly by and collect the benefits of a working society with out actually working for those benefits, is beyond me.  We have gone way beyond helping those in need to helping those who refuse to do anything get away with it.  The people that work hard in this country and have earned a good life should have it without feeling that they need to give part of that to someone else who refuses to pull their weight. There are plenty of opportunities in this country for people to better themselves.  The problem seems to be that people think it’s okay to take something for nothing, that is a clear erosion of moral values.  We should address the problems of immorality in America.  We don’t need to give people things to do nothing, we need to teach people that it’s wrong to take things you haven’t earned.

If there are those who are willing to work hard and earn more than others, they should not be led to believe that they should have to give up some of what they worked hard to earn.  That isn’t what this country was founded on.  Even the colonists at Jamestown knew what fair meant.


BAAAAD Drivers

We all know there are bad driver’s out there, but the question is, why? Why are people driving like they stole the car they are in, swerving all over the road and in general, behaving badly behind the wheel?

I was returning home from work yesterday afternoon, as I often do when they tell me to go home, and some afternoon thunderstorms had popped up. There were heavy downpours and water had already pooled in lots of areas on the road. As I was attempting to cautiously enter the interstate, I noted a silver Honda doing the swerve dance on the lane adjacent to the on-ramp. Knowing that this enterprising individual was not in control of his/her vehicle was not something I was comfortable with.

Things Not To Do While Driving

Things Not To Do While Driving

The problem here is the nut behind the wheel. People think that they can still text, talk on the phone, play grab-ass and even put on makeup while driving. I have seen people reading newspapers and eating while driving.

Why are people being subject to these individuals who put others at risk?  Why isn’t there more enforcement of the laws?  Fact is, there aren’t enough cops out there, and the ones that are out there are already taxed to the limit.  Back in the day, the problem would have been dealt with swiftly with the offending party having an appropriate ass whooping doled out.  Today people are taught not to do anything and this is part of the reason we have an out of control section of our society.  People that know there will be consequences for their bad behavior tend to not act out quite as much.  There is always an exception to the rule.

What really seems to annoy the hell out of most drivers on the road are the left lane hugging jerks.  These are the folks that stay in the left lane, doing the speed limit for MILES.  They aren’t passing anyone, they are just puttering along, oblivious to the aggravated individuals behind them trying to pass slower traffic.

This Is For The Left Lane Huggers

This Is For The Left Lane Huggers

These are the people who feel like it is okay to stay in the passing lane as long as they like. In most states, you can be citied for traveling in the left lane on a highway.  The law here in Virginia is quite clear.  What most people misunderstand is that the phrase “Any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions existing” does NOT refer to vehicles doing the speed limit, but to the current speed of the vehicles in traffic flow.  It is not the responsibility of any driver on the road to “slow people down” because they feel they are some sort of highway speed enforcement vigilante.  If someone chooses to drive faster than the speed limit, that is their choice, and unless you are driving the car with the pretty blue lights and antennae everywhere, get the hell out of the left lane and let people PASS!  Thanks!

I could certainly go on and on about bad driver’s we see them every day.  I will just leave this little ditty here for your amusement.  Have a safe drive!


Cops Gone Bad

Wow.  There have been a couple of stories in the news lately about cops gone bad.

Let’s face it, people these days love drama.  They attempt to inject drama into seemingly harmless situations everywhere they go.  Got a calm peaceful place you enjoy going to hang out?  Some asshole will start some drama eventually.

Enter Michael Setiawan, ex NYPD cop.  He’s obviously an ex for a reason, right?  Well, he got caught spraying graffiti on cars and buildings in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Before you start screaming “freedom of speech”, let me remind you that this is directed at Jewish people and is considered a hate crime.
So what drives a person that joined the NYPD to such behaviour? Why do people still hate each other based on religion in this country?

I made a comment on a News Channel 3 story about a woman reported that the Chesapeake police manhandled her when the police came to question her son. The comments on the article were interesting. This comment illustrates how some people feel about police today. Of course, I wasn’t there, but I really find it hard to believe that police these days have such short fuses. Who cares if some 70 year old woman yells at them? Grow up, guys. They are just words. Stop reacting to the wrong things. I can see why police are getting a bad rap these days. We should have moved forward in the law enforcement community and weeded out the individuals who can’t hold their temper.